Lands of Lore II trailer

After a brief vacation I'm back online a ready to do some updating. Today I'll keep it simple and give you this nice Lands of Lore II trailer


Abandonware Archive - Everything but Oldgames

I was browsing my stats checking out the referers and to my suprise found a copy of Everything but Oldgames. I don't quite remember the full story but what I do remember is that abandonware veteran Voh started EBO using a fake alias and wanted to review abandonware websites and do interviews with the webmasters. If I hadn't found this site I probably would have never remembered this but it all comes back now :).

<sigh> Those were the times when the abandonware scene was still alive and kicking.

Computer Gaming World Magazine Museum

Just recently I discovered this amazing website called CGW Museum. On this site you can download about every issue ever released of Computer Gaming World Magazine.

I never really heard of it before but it seems to have been a very popular magazine in the US. Great site for collectors like me!

For some reason I just love reading reviews that are written on the dates the games were released. It's amazing to see how people thought of those games back then. Most of the regular Abandonware reviews are usually written with a huge amount of nostalgia, telling us about the impact of the game, how it used to play, how good it used to be etc. Good reviews tell us how it feels to play the games right now, how or why it could still be fun, or why it's not so much fun in modern times. But imho, the interesting reviews are the ones you read in the old gaming magazines.

Abandonware archive - GROG: Dune 2

There once was a small but very decent abandonware site many probably have forgotten by now: GROG. This site was all about quantity. The two webmasters Anti and Jante didn't put many games online, but the ones they did had long, inspiring reviews. Check it out yourself:

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Flight Unlimited 2 trailer

I'm personally not really into flight sims but people who do might like this old trailer of Flight Unlimited 2, a game released in 1997


SimCity 3000 in the early stages

Apparently the original idea for SimCity 3000 was to make it a 3D game. Luckily EA bought Maxis in 1997 and scrapped the version. Even though you don't see much, this early trailer I found makes it pretty obvious it would've been crap:


Finishing Quake in 52 minutes

There are too many crazy people in this world and this movie will prove it once again. This guy finished Quake in 52 minutes while playing it in nightmare mode, killing everything and finding every secret.


6 websites for endless Duke Nukem 3D gameplay

Duke Nukem 3D is without a doubt one of my favorite games of all time. I can't even remember how many times I've re-played the original episodes let alone remember how many different user-made maps or total conversions I've finished. I even became pretty good at making maps after trying it non-stop for 3 years. Never thought that 14 years later I'd regret not making backups of them... All that hard work is now gone forever...

Anyway, I'm pretty sure that anyone that has played Duke3D just won't get enough of it. For that reason I decided to show you 6 websites that'll make you spend many more weeks and months playing this great shooter.

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Dungeon Keeper 2 funny trailer

I have a shitload of work that needs to be done by tomorrow and here I am trading links with my fellow abandonware webmasters, and searching for interesting stuff related to classic games. I'll just finish this day with a funny Dungeon Keeper 2 trailer:


A Force for Good presents... the discussion review

Rik and Stoo from a Force For Good have recently tried a new way of reviewing by both playing a certain game for some time, and then start a conversation/discussion about it on MSN. Their first effort is Hardball III and even though I have absolutely no interest in baseball, it was still fun to read. Can't wait for a discussion about a game I've played, or at least a genre more interesting than the most boring sports ever invented.