Unofficial Prince of Persia website

Once again I was going through the Abandonware Blog archives and found a post introducing you to the Unofficial Prince of Persia website. I thought it would be worth mentioning again since the webmaster has really kept his website up-to-date and now has an amazing collection of downloads, info and more.

I've always liked these kinds of websites. The last 15 years I've always wanted to create a Quest for Glory fan site but for some reason it hasn't happened yet. Maybe some day it will, but first there are some other personal (abandonware) projects that need to be finished...

A Force for Good presents... the discussion review

Rik and Stoo from a Force For Good have recently tried a new way of reviewing by both playing a certain game for some time, and then start a conversation/discussion about it on MSN. Their first effort is Hardball III and even though I have absolutely no interest in baseball, it was still fun to read. Can't wait for a discussion about a game I've played, or at least a genre more interesting than the most boring sports ever invented.