17 most crappy games ever

When we talk about crappy games we often forget that the worst games are the ones that don't even make it to gaming magazines, the so called budget games. This guy gives you his 17 worst games ever...

Blade Runner trailer

Had a couple of busy days recently, when I wasn't working I was simply enjoying the sun with my wife and kid.

Anyway, I'm working on some interesting abandonware-related projects right now, can't tell you too much yet. In the meantime you can enjoy this nice Blade Runner trailer:


SimCity 3000 in the early stages

Apparently the original idea for SimCity 3000 was to make it a 3D game. Luckily EA bought Maxis in 1997 and scrapped the version. Even though you don't see much, this early trailer I found makes it pretty obvious it would've been crap:


Finishing Quake in 52 minutes

There are too many crazy people in this world and this movie will prove it once again. This guy finished Quake in 52 minutes while playing it in nightmare mode, killing everything and finding every secret.


Dungeon Keeper 2 funny trailer

I have a shitload of work that needs to be done by tomorrow and here I am trading links with my fellow abandonware webmasters, and searching for interesting stuff related to classic games. I'll just finish this day with a funny Dungeon Keeper 2 trailer:


Half-Life in the early days

I was browsing some of my old gaming magazine cds and found an interesting early preview of Half-Life, the game that would eventually become one of the best first-person-shooters ever created. As you can see a lot can still happen between trailers and actual releases.