I'm annoyed

If there's one thing I learned since helping out at the Abandonware Ring is that of every new website there's almost no webmaster that knows what abandonware is. It seems like they heard or read something about it and decided to create a website containing old games, add some advertisements, and join the rings for some extra visitors.

They have no idea what they are doing and don't even bother doing some research. The most common examples are games like Doom or Duke Nukem 3D, they put them available for download but don't even know these games have never been abandoned. 3DRealms and ID Software has always kept selling them on their websites, and when that stopped Steam and GOG started selling them. If these webmasters had any idea about the meaning of abandonware they wouldn't make stupid mistakes such as this. To me it seems they don't really care about the term "abandonware". They only see it as an extra keyword for more visitors and see the other abandonware websites as some extra backlinks.

Honestly I don't understand how Abandonware Ring has ever got to the point that they stopped looking into their new applicants and stopped bothering to contact them about what they are doing wrong. Robot Ring doesn't even seem to have any rules. Only Abandoned Places seems to have kept a high standard.

Anyway, I had the idea of trying to create a website that explains the history of abandonware, what abandonware is (and isn't) and create a database of games that are still being sold and so can't be called abandonware. Maybe even turn it into some kind of quality label where webmasters can sign up when they agree to the rules. This way we could have an official abandonware website where rings and websites could link to so they don't even have to explain it all themselves.

I'm not sure what other people think about it?