Abandonware Archive - Everything but Oldgames

I was browsing my stats checking out the referers and to my suprise found a copy of Everything but Oldgames. I don't quite remember the full story but what I do remember is that abandonware veteran Voh started EBO using a fake alias and wanted to review abandonware websites and do interviews with the webmasters. If I hadn't found this site I probably would have never remembered this but it all comes back now :).

<sigh> Those were the times when the abandonware scene was still alive and kicking.

Abandonware archive - GROG: Dune 2

There once was a small but very decent abandonware site many probably have forgotten by now: GROG. This site was all about quantity. The two webmasters Anti and Jante didn't put many games online, but the ones they did had long, inspiring reviews. Check it out yourself:

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