Good old Sierra soundtrack

If you're looking for the great soundtracks of classic Sierra games you should definitely check Quest Studios. You'll find thousands of original MIDI files, and renewed MP3 music. Even the tracks of Quest for Glory 5, arguably one of the best soundstracks ever created, is free for download.

Many people, especially the newer generation of gamers will probably get headaches of all these tracks which I don't really understand with Dubstep being quite popular and all.

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17 most crappy games ever

When we talk about crappy games we often forget that the worst games are the ones that don't even make it to gaming magazines, the so called budget games. This guy gives you his 17 worst games ever...

No more Hero 6

Did you guys ever hear of Hero 6? The fan based game that should've become the successor of Quest for Glory 5? Never mind if you haven't because the project has shut down some months ago. I guess it was just a matter of time before it became official since it was hardly updated the last 4 or 5 years.

I've been following Hero 6 since the start in 1999 and year by year I was hoping to finally see an announcement that would say the game would almost be finished. Sadly this never happened, it never even got close.

Blade Runner trailer

Had a couple of busy days recently, when I wasn't working I was simply enjoying the sun with my wife and kid.

Anyway, I'm working on some interesting abandonware-related projects right now, can't tell you too much yet. In the meantime you can enjoy this nice Blade Runner trailer:


Abandonware Archive - Everything but Oldgames

I was browsing my stats checking out the referers and to my suprise found a copy of Everything but Oldgames. I don't quite remember the full story but what I do remember is that abandonware veteran Voh started EBO using a fake alias and wanted to review abandonware websites and do interviews with the webmasters. If I hadn't found this site I probably would have never remembered this but it all comes back now :).

<sigh> Those were the times when the abandonware scene was still alive and kicking.

Computer Gaming World Magazine Museum

Just recently I discovered this amazing website called CGW Museum. On this site you can download about every issue ever released of Computer Gaming World Magazine.

I never really heard of it before but it seems to have been a very popular magazine in the US. Great site for collectors like me!

For some reason I just love reading reviews that are written on the dates the games were released. It's amazing to see how people thought of those games back then. Most of the regular Abandonware reviews are usually written with a huge amount of nostalgia, telling us about the impact of the game, how it used to play, how good it used to be etc. Good reviews tell us how it feels to play the games right now, how or why it could still be fun, or why it's not so much fun in modern times. But imho, the interesting reviews are the ones you read in the old gaming magazines.

Abandonware archive - GROG: Dune 2

There once was a small but very decent abandonware site many probably have forgotten by now: GROG. This site was all about quantity. The two webmasters Anti and Jante didn't put many games online, but the ones they did had long, inspiring reviews. Check it out yourself:

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